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Hydroxy hell: The deadly attack on a long-proven COVID treatment
The preponderance of all the medical evidence has always been that HCQ worked to safely and cheaply treat and prevent COVID. Yet big media refuse to admit this, as does Fauci.

Facebook forced to remove censorship of post promoting life-saving Hydroxychloroquine
‘The board’s decisions to uphold or reverse Facebook’s content decisions will be binding, meaning that Facebook will have to implement them, unless doing so could violate the law’

Why are other nations doing so much better than the USA on COVID deaths?
There’s a one-word answer, and Americans should be frustrated that their government is not taking advantage of it.

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  • A solution to COVID-19 is in sight!
    A solution to the COVID-19 epidemic is in sight.  It is the combo used by South Korea, where people are back at work, to successfully stem its COVID-19 outbreak.
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South Dakota state House passes bill allowing doctors to prescribe ivermectin
Republican lawmakers across the country have advanced bills that would broaden access to ivermectin, a drug that studies have shown can treat COVID-19.

Japanese pharmaceutical company finds ivermectin has ‘antiviral effect’ against omicron, other COVID variants
Kowa said the renowned drug has antiviral properties against all existing strains of SARS-CoV2 and is expected to be widely-used as a coronavirus therapeutic.

Hospital backs down, allows patient to receive ivermectin rather than pay $10K a day in fines
The victory underscores the value of taking legal action to defend medical freedoms, and may serve as a warning to other hospitals that attempt to deprive patients of their rights.

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  • Ivermectin works – it’s that simple
    How wicked are the culprits of this COVID enterprise, that they violate our rights and destroy our society, while pushing dangerous experimental injections on us, and obstructing safe, affordable, and effective treatments like Ivermectin?
  • Why I’m removing all articles related to Vitamins D, C, Zinc and COVID-19
    Why are people calling for the use of warfare tactics on American citizens that have done nothing illegal? In my case, could it be because I’ve written about the theory that SARS-CoV-2 is an engineered virus, created through gain-of-function research, and that its release was anticipated by global elites, as evidenced in Event 201?
  • FDA warns Dr. Mercola to stop writing about Vitamin D
    ‘Trust the science,’ they say, while simultaneously promoting scientifically unverified claims and trying to eradicate anyone who simply reports the findings that are actually published in the medical literature that may negatively impact the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Could early treatment of COVID have saved lives?
    ‘COVID-19 is the only medical problem that comes into public view every day with no mention of early treatment. Patients are handed their positive SARS-Cov-2 result and given no advice on treatment, no hotline for available research protocols, no prescriptions, and no medical follow-up to adjust regimens.’