• California bans state-funded travel to 5 states over LGBT laws
    Democratic California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Monday that California is discontinuing state-funded travel to Florida, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia, saying that these states have made laws which California deems discriminatory to the “LGBTQ community.”
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Amazon bans book describing ‘health hazards’ of active gay lifestyle
Amazon said the 600-page book was ‘offensive.’

Facebook censors LifeSite, claims opposition to giving kids trans hormones is ‘hate speech’
The article simply stated that reinforcing gender confusion is unhealthy for children.

Ex-gays rip Amazon for banning reparative therapy books, keeping pro-suicide books
Amazon claims to fear that books designed to remove unwanted same-sex attractions will cause people to commit suicide. Amazon is also promoting at least ten books that facilitate suicide.

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English archbishop says he has ‘no intention’ of canceling LGBT Mass
I would direct you to Pope Francis’ comment that ‘the LGBTQ+ community are at the heart of the church’,’ said Archbishop McMahon.

Cdl. Marx says homosexuality is ‘not a sin,’ Catechism ‘not set in stone’
The German prelate affirmed that the Catechism of the Catholic Church ‘is not set in stone,’ and that people are ‘allowed to question what’s in there.’

Pope appoints open homosexual to Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors
The Pope had talked to Juan Carlos Cruz already in 2018, allegedly saying, ‘God made you gay.’

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