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City of God or city of man? Transgenderism is not from God
A moral dilemma illustrates how the cultural madness that breaks out from time to time in the City of Man can have profound consequences for the lives of innocent individuals.

Senator confronts HHS secretary for calling mothers ‘birthing people’
‘We don’t want to offend in our language, I get that,’ Sen. James Lankford said. ‘But would you at least admit calling a mom a ‘birthing person’ could be offensive to some moms?’

Gender ‘transition’ is a cosmetic farce with devastating impact
We need more leaders to step up and secure our Judeo-Christian values — people who will hold true to the science of biology and the belief that we’re created by God for a specific purpose.

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  • Texas sues Biden over ‘illegal’ transgender, pronoun mandates
    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is taking the Biden administration to court over a federal mandate which seeks to force businesses to concede on the use of sex-based bathrooms, dress codes, and pronouns as subjectively determined by employees, regardless of their actual sex.
  • Federal court permanently enjoins Biden admin’s transgender mandate
    ‘Today’s ruling protects patients, aligns with current medical research, and ensures doctors aren’t forced to violate their religious beliefs and medical judgment–a victory for common-sense, conscience, and sound medicine,’ said Luke Goodrich, senior counsel for the Becket Fund.
  • California court strikes down transgender pronoun mandate
    ‘Generally, the free speech clause protects a wide variety of speech a listener may find offensive,’ the California Third District Court of Appeals said in a unanimous ruling against a coercive transgender pronoun policy.
  • Spain advances radical bill allowing teens to change their registered gender
    Under the proposed ‘trans law,’ anyone over 16 could change their documents by filling out a request, without witnesses, and confirming it three months later. Minors as young as 12 could also change their officially-recognized gender if given permission by their parents, or by a judge, if their parents refuse consent.
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US Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal for single-sex spaces for children at school
‘The court did not give a reason for turning away the appeal’

Massachusetts keeps transgender bathroom law. How do we move forward?
On November 6, a nightmare happened in Massachusetts. There’s no way to whitewash this.

ACLU demands tampons in men’s bathrooms for ‘menstrual justice’
The initiative is ostensibly to prevent discrimination against ‘every person who menstruates.’

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Coach: Allowing ‘transgender’ males on female teams will ‘destroy sports’
Barbara Kay and Linda Blade are the authors of the new book ‘Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport.’

Biden attacks states for protecting female students in ‘Pride Month’ proclamation
‘Some States have chosen to actively target transgender youth through discriminatory bills that defy our Nation’s values of inclusivity and freedom for all’ in an apparent reference to eight states that enacted laws ensuring females will not be forced to compete against males in athletic programs.

More than 30 states now considering bills to ban sexually confused boys from girls sports
West Virginia is the latest state to move toward protecting girls and women from having to compete against boys and men claiming to be female.

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  • Goodbye, women’s sports
    The reason why common-sense argument seems to cut so little ice with the leadership in various sports is that to say that these individuals are allowed to compete against women is a very powerful statement that they really are women.