• The End Times and the Great Reset
    The drastic enforcement of completely disproportionate and permanent emergency laws already has all the signs of a health dictatorship.
  • Who’s behind global effort to silence critics of the ‘Great Reset’?
    The Publicis Groupe, an international PR firm, is a partner with the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy. Publicis represents tech, pharma and banking corporations, all of which have partnerships with the U.S. government and global NGOs.
  • WHO insider blows whistle on Gates and GAVI global health dictatorship
    It is now beyond dispute that the WHO is beyond compromised. Because of its funding — a large portion of which comes from the ‘one-man nation-state of Gates’ — it fails to complete its original mandate. Worse, WHO serves corporate masters and through its dictatorial powers is essentially destroying, not improving, the health of the world.
  • Russell Brand: Is Bill Gates too powerful?
    In this video exposé of one of the most powerful men in the world, Brand says he’s not here to judge Gates as a human being, but it does seem like an awful lot of power for one individual to wield.
  • Why COVID vaccines are dream come true for central banks
    Paired with the rollout of related surveillance technologies — digital tracking devices, vaccine passports, brain-machine interfaces and planet-wide 5G — COVID vaccines are a critical component of central bankers’ plan to establish a global control grid.
  • Will you obey the criminal authoritarians?
    Wealthy technocrats will not redistribute their own wealth during the Great Reset, but will only continue to grow their financial empires as the rest of the world consents to giving up their privacy and ownership of everything, including their rights. When tested, who will you obey — your own moral compass, commonsense and reason or a criminal authority?
  • Cardinal Müller decries the Great Reset
    The cardinal warned that the goal of this newly merging force – the collaboration between big capitalist entities with China – is ‘absolute control of thought, speech and action.’
  • New from Archbishop Viganò: The Great Reset from start to finish
    With the pandemic, little by little they told us that isolation, lockdowns, masks, curfews, ‘live-streamed Masses,’ distance-learning, ‘smartworking,’ recovery funds, vaccines, and ‘green passes’ would permit us to come out of the emergency, and, believing in this lie, we renounced the rights and lifestyles that they warned us would never return: ‘Nothing will be the same again.’
  • Abp. Viganò offers considerations on the Great Reset
    It is our duty to uncover the Great Reset’s deception, because the same deception may be attributed to all the other assaults that have sought to nullify the work of Redemption and establish the tyranny of the Antichrist.
  • You shall trample the lion and the dragon
    Mario Draghi represents the quintessence of the tyranny of the New World Order, in its cynical competence, in the professionality of its devastating action, and in the efficiency of its functionaries. And it is not surprising that he was educated, like Joe Biden and many other globalist leaders, in the ideological school of the Jesuits.