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Evidence shows UK doctors call puberty blocking treatment a ‘live experiment’
The evidence was part of a court case in the UK, and was released only after lawyers successfully argued there is a ‘significant public interest in disclosing the material.’

How LGBT agenda offers perfect cover for predators to groom children
The first thing an abuser needs to do is to undermine his victim’s resistance to the proposed abuse, and the “gay affirming” ideology does exactly that. It prepares young people for abuse.

Told you so: 3 ‘dads’ in California lead the charge to normalize ‘polyamory’
Before long we will be informed that only bigots believe that children need mothers, and that to even insinuate such a thing is shocking and outrageous

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Facebook again deletes moms’ group dedicated to ending drag queen story hours 
Facebook removed ‘500 Mom Strong’ page for 3rd time

Parents accused of ‘transphobia’ over concerns about ultra-sexual drag queen reading to 4-year-olds 
A quick Internet search of ‘Flowjob,’ whose real name is Nathan Mullen, turns up photographs of him simulating various sex acts.

Not inevitable: Pro-family activists stop Drag Queen Story Hours across America 
Things are starting to get much more difficult for the LGBT movement.

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UN agency forces controversial sex-ed on children in school and at home
‘Comprehensive sexuality education’ includes sexual orientation and gender identity, and ‘inclusive anatomical diagrams not labeled as male or female.

WATCH: Catholic school board bans catechism quotes on homosexuality as ‘dangerous’
Trustees claimed quoting the catechism was ‘putting down a marginalized and vulnerable community at our board.’

‘Crying shame’: Aggrieved father makes comprehensive case against bishops on sex ed
With bishops’ cooperation, ‘liberal comprehensive sex education and LGBT agendas are being imposed, often ruthlessly, against the will of parents.’

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