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Prominent doctor on worldwide COVID response: ‘It’s just politicians playing medicine’
Dr. Roger Hodkinson bemoaned lockdowns, masks and vaccines as an ‘unprecedented horror show, the worst in medical history.’

‘It’s a false narrative’ that you can get the COVID infection twice: Internationally esteemed doctor
‘COVID-recovered patients so far are racking up a terrific track record of freedom from reinfection. It’s nearly airtight’

The free world died of COVID-19
COVID Mania has turned the world’s sovereign states into one tyranny after another.

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  • Lies and absurdities that damaged the COVID pandemic response
    These blatant lies severely hobbled and essentially doomed the U.S. pandemic response from February 2020 onwards. That response continues today under the new administration, which is being advised by illogical, nonsensical, and simply incompetent holdover advisors as well as new ones.
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Florida Gov. DeSantis says lockdowns have been a ‘huge, huge mistake’
The thriving state of Florida is a testament to DeSantis’s policies, standing in stark contrast to the devastating effects of lockdowns in places like Ontario, Canada.

Ontario MPP: Lockdowns will end when people ‘stand up and assert their freedoms’
‘We need to realize that this will not end until we say so … and compliance and obedience perpetuates the shutdown,’ MPP Randy Hillier asserts.

The world demands its freedom back: Anti-lockdown protests sweep the globe
‘Just decent, normal people expressing their will to live without global totalitarianism.’

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  • English nuns join massive lockdown protests in London
    ‘We’re praying for 64 people who have died,’ Mother Marilla, the Mother General of the Tyburn Nuns who live opposite London’s Hyde Park, said in a video posted by a Twitter user. ‘And I’m praying for a 17-year-old boy. My friend asked me to pray for him. He has to have brain surgery, because he got a blood clot. And that’s after he took the vaccine. That’s not normal.’
  • Justice Centre challenges governments on science behind lockdowns
    ‘Our challenge to Canada’s federal and provincial governments boils down to this: after fifteen months of locking people down, isolating them from their friends and family, closing schools, bankrupting businesses, and closing houses of worship, show us your science.’
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Children not a ‘vector of transmission’ of COVID-19, nor at risk from it themselves
Official evidence shows that children have nothing to fear from COVID–19, nor are they ‘super spreaders’ of the disease.

Stanford study: Lockdowns have no significant effect in reducing COVID-19, may even spread it
‘we fail to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home orders and business closures’

Asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 didn’t occur at all, study of 10 million finds
Only 300 asymptomatic cases in the study of nearly 10 million were discovered, and none of those tested positive for COVID-19.

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  • COVID-19: Just the facts
    How deadly is COVID-19? Do lockdowns work? Are lockdowns harmful? Does social distancing work? Are the vaccines effective? Are the vaccines safe? Do masks work? Are masks safe? Answers to these and the other key questions, all fully referenced from peer-reviewed research and leading authorities.
  • Study shows how masks are harming children
    The problems that children are having wearing masks include increased irritability, headaches, difficulty concentrating, less happiness, reluctance to go to school, malaise, impaired learning and drowsiness or fatigue
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46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine
Health authorities have reportedly halted the administering of the second shot of Pfizer’s vaccine

116-year-old nun survives COVID and says she ‘wasn’t scared to die’
Sister Andre, a French nun, will celebrate her 117th birthday on Thursday, February 11.

Nursing home with zero COVID deaths reports residents dying after new outbreak, vaccine
At The Commons, COVID deaths are reported to have occurred only after residents began receiving coronavirus vaccinations.

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  • How COVID led to my parents’ deaths
    Our government, the health care industry, the fear-mongering press, and the vaccine-makers all contributed to my parents’ deaths, and no one can change my mind about that. Even worse, they denied my parents something we all desire: dignified deaths surrounded by loving family and friends.
  • The media’s quid pro Cuomo
    Even after his decision to send infected COVID patients to nursing homes, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo never apologized
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Footage from Australia’s COVID internment camp: mandatory masks and $5k fines for leaving your cell
Haley Hodgson tested negative and yet was subjected to two weeks inside of restrictions and isolation.

‘We are in this together’: Protestors across the world stand with Australians fighting COVID tyranny
Crowds of hundreds and thousands of people gathered in front of Australian embassies and consulates across Europe, Asia, and North America to increase the visibility of the country’s harsh COVID measures.

Interview with Bishop Schneider: COVID rules may be ‘a kind of prefiguration’ of the mark of the Beast
As a former citizen of a communist country, the bishop is very much opposed to the ‘sanitary dictatorship’ that is being set up in so many countries under the pretense of fighting COVID-19.

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  • FDA authorizes COVID boosters for all adults
    It’s hard to understand how third and fourth ‘doses of protection’ are going to work when the first ones don’t work after only a few months,’ Mary Holland, president and general counsel at Children’s Health Defense, told LifeSiteNews.
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