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THE PROOF: Many aborted babies are used in vaccine creation
Dr. Stanley Plotkin is considered the Godfather of Vaccines. He gave a 9-hour deposition reluctantly admitting horrific facts about the relationship of abortion to vaccines.

The unborn babies used for vaccine development were alive at tissue extraction
Pamela Acker is a biologist and author of a recently released book on vaccinations.

Exorcist priest: Abortion-tainted vaccines are ‘ongoing theft’ of babies’ bodies
‘The only way to restore the order of justice is you’ve got to bury the aborted fetal lines,’ he said. ‘That’s the only way, because you’ve got to return them back to God.’

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  • The COVID-19 vaccination debate: chains of evil
    Catholics must make a stand in defence of human life at this its most vulnerable stage. When and where, indeed, can Catholics stand up in defence of human life ‘with maximum determination,’ if not here and now?

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Oregon orders businesses, churches to demand proof of vaccination for maskless people
Governor Brown has indicated that Oregon businesses may continue to ask all employees and customers to wear masks, if they’d rather not ask for papers.

Vaccine hysteria and vaccine incentives serve to shame people into submission
Multiple incentives for the vaccinated class of Americans, risks making a two–tiered society, where the vaxxed get special treatment. The goal? To shame anyone who opts out into submission.

Vaccine passports are the gateway to the most radical slavery the world has ever seen
What is needed in the meantime is urgently to unwind the cycle of compliance

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  • Papers, please! Oregon now requires ‘proof of vaccination’
    It would be worth seriously debating the merits of this authoritarian insanity if in fact Oregon could demonstrate that they were “following the science” on this issue, but it’s clear that this order has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with power and control.

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18 Connecticut teens hospitalized for heart problems after COVID vaccines, White House says young people should still get the shots
The mother of 17-year-old Gregory Hatton, diagnosed with pericarditis within days of his second dose of the vaccine, said her son ‘basically has a heart condition now and it’s terrifying.’

WATCH: What you should know before getting the coronavirus vaccine
This new video collection contains information from renowned experts that you NEED to know before considering the coronavirus vaccine.

Tucker Carlson: Either the vaccines work. Or they don’t
Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson says health officials can’t have it both ways — either the vaccines are “highly effective” and the fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks and self-isolating, or the vaccines don’t work.

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  • Does refusing the Corona vaccine show a lack of solidarity?
    At present, reliable statistics make the prophesies of a ‘killer virus’ and a large ‘excess mortality’ appear as downright preposterous. It is all the more important to find an answer to these questions: Is an immunization against Covid-19 necessary? Is it at all possible? Are the available vaccines reliable and ethically acceptable – and if not, why not?

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How to overcome the pressure to get a COVID vaccine
If I were an employee or student who was required or feeling coerced into getting a COVID vaccine, here’s how I would strategically handle it…

41 percent of US voters unwilling to get COVID vaccine jab mostly citing side effects fears
Americans have valid grounds for being suspicious about the safety of the vaccines due to reports of thousands being injured and dying after receiving the jab.

Medical and religious exemptions may allow for opt outs of possible mandated workplace vaccine
A COVID-19 vaccine is expected to approved for use in the US in the coming days

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  • From hesitation to rejection of COVID vaccines
    There simply is way too much emphasis on COVID vaccines and far too little on known, cheap and effective treatments that also work to prevent COVID. That makes treatments a viable alternative to vaccines. Now you know enough to make a smarter decision about COVID vaccines. Time to walk or run away from Fauci’s reign of error.
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160+ experts slam COVID vaccines as ‘unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe’ in powerful letter
‘In short, the available evidence and science indicate that COVID-19 vaccines are unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe.’

America’s Frontline Doctors: COVID-vaccinated can ‘shed’ spike protein, harming unvaccinated
As these experimental vaccines create ‘spike proteins,’ vaccinated individuals ‘can shed some of these particles to close contacts’ causing disease in them, including in children.

20,000-strong healthcare provider coalition: Gov’t must respect right to refuse COVID vaccine
There is ‘no justifiable moral obligation to accept vaccination,’ the coalition states.

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Pope requires reporters on his trip to Iraq to receive COVID vaccine
‘At present, despite vaccination, health regulations make it compulsory to undergo a PCR test before every international departure,’ according to the Vatican.

Abp. Vigano attacks Pope Francis over vaccine mandate
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has issued a scathing response to the Pope’s suggestion that everyone else must take the COVID vaccine, too.

Bishop Strickland: I will not accept a COVID vaccine derived from aborted babies
‘I’m not going to accept a vaccine that has the DNA of aborted children in it,’ His Excellency said in his latest interview with Terry Barber.

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